Using ‘Splash Line’

Our optional splash line is included with select fountains, allowing consumers to control the amount of sound and splash their fountain will generate.

Here’s how it works:

Here you can see the spill is creating a large amount of splash.
Place the weighted end of the splash line in the top bowl and drape the line over the spill point.
The water will now follow the line, reducing the amount of splash.

Reducing the amount of splash will also reduce the amount of water noise generated by the fountain. The remaining optional steps illustrate how to customize your fountain for your own personal preference.

Trim the line so that it hangs just over the water line. Remember you can always trim more later.
Keep in mind, the more you trim the more splash you will create.
Once you've completed these simple steps, sit back and enjoy your fountain.

For a more detailed overview,  see the video below: