Product Resources

Our fountains are designed with longevity and ease of use in mind but they may require a little troubleshooting from time-to-time to keep them running smoothly.  With that in mind, we’ve gathered some popular resources below to assist.

Tubing Adjustments

Sometimes a little adjustment is needed to get things just right. Here, we offer some suggestions on addressing tubing issues where water flow has been affected.


Addressing Water Flow

If you are experiencing water flow issues the video below details some basic troubleshooting involving the pump, tubing and assembly:


Additional information on addressing water flow including an optional flow control tip and levelling advice:

Addressing Water Loss

If you suspect your fountain is losing water, check first for a standing or operational leak. To do this, fill the reservoir with water and let it sit without operating the pump. Leave in place on a flat dry surface for a few hours  and observe for signs of water loss.

If the reservoir loses water, there could be a standing leak which may be caused by a hole or crack in the reservoir. You will need to trace the source of the leak and consider repair procedures.

If the reservoir does not lose water during this test, the issue may be an operational leak, most commonly as result of an assembly error. 

For those models that include a cord pipe, failing to install the cord pipe cover is a common example of this. This video details how to install this accessory properly.

Failing to install “drip-loops” on the light cord(s) during the assembly process can also result in water loss during operation. 

This video details this common problem and remedy.

Addressing Splash

Are you experiencing unwanted splashing from your fountain?
If you have a tiered fountain or a fountain with a pouring spill point, have a look at our article on Installing a Splash Line or this video:

Tiered Fountain Assembly

A general assembly overview for a traditional tiered fountain.

Setting Up a Fountain with Lights

Some of our fountain designs include integrated LED lighting. Proper connection of the lights is important for carefree operation.