To help get the most out of your purchase, we’ve gathered some helpful resources here for repairs, refinishing, and modifications.

First, we recommend reviewing our list of recommended products for the repair and maintenance processes detailed below.

Repair Overview with Epoxy and Paint

This video summarizes the repair process showcasing the application of an epoxy putty patching, followed by the application of multi-colour textured paint and clear coating.

Repairs with Epoxy Putty

Addressing a leak as result of a crack or pinhole, or even rebuilding a missing section of your fountain, statue or birdbath is easy with an epoxy repair putty. 

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Repairs with Glue

Fixing a small, clean break is easy with the use of clear glue.  These “super glues” are specially designed to re-affix broken pieces, especially where a clean break has occurred, and offer construction-grade adhesion for a permanent fix.

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Paint Repairs

Should the need arise, be it for customization, maintenance, or repair, applying paint is a simple and easy way to refresh.

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Other Repair Resources:

Fixing a Leak

Repair procedures can vary depending on if you can clearly identify or not. Identifiable leaks, are easily resolved by following these epoxy repair procedures.

Unidentifiable leaks are inherently more difficult to address. If an epoxy repair does not address the issue, another possible solution is to use a coating over the surface of the entire reservoir.  There are a wider range of products on the market for this purpose, including spray-on clear leak sealers and patching products. Hydraulic cement for concrete and masonry is another option that tends to work well, and is designed to create a watertight seal when applied to the reservoir to coat and address an invisible leak.