To protect your investment and keep your fountain running its best, we’ve compiled some general maintenance advice.

Pump Maintenance

The pump is the heart of the fountain, to help keep it running its best, we’ve provided an overview of its components along with some general use and care advice:

Cleaning Your Fountain

If you’re noticing mineral build-up or if you’re fountain is just in need of good cleaning, we recommend the use of a 30/70 % vinegar/water mixture with a soft cloth. 

This video details a “refresh” on a display unit that had not been cleaned all season.

Applying a Protective Coating

We recommend applying a protective spray annually to help guard against premature wear.  Here we detail that process on a critical component for most fountains.

Changing an LED Light

While there are a few different styles of LED lights included with our fountains, they are all designed to be removable for maintenance and replacment purposes.  Here, we detail the process for you with our individual style and LED light rings.

For advice on repair related maintenance, please see the repairs section of our site.