Our Garden Décor products are manufactured from one of two durable materials: Comp-Cast® or NuCrete®, each providing its own unique benefits and designed with distinct customers in mind.


Resilient Stone Fibre Resin Material

Composed of a blend of stone, fibre and resin, our Comp-Cast® material provides strength, durability and amazing detail. The benchmark of the polyresin industry, Comp-Cast® is “The Right Weight, Not Light Weight”, strong, stable and extremely easy to assemble and use. Designed to stand the test of time, this resilient material forms the synergy between convenience and quality.

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Durable Fiber Reinforced Concrete

NuCrete® is an alternative concrete material that uses fiber for reinforcement and strength, as opposed to the steel used in most traditional applications. This fundamental difference provides the strength, appearance and durability of traditional concrete products, without the cumbersome weight.

Designed with traditional garden decor enthusiasts in mind, this material also allows for the integration of colours and textures directly into the finished product, providing a serious garden decor product that is authentic in appearance, more convenient to assemble and use, and most importantly, affordable.

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