A resilient blend of stone, fibre and resin.

This strong, adaptable material provides durability while allowing for unique detail in design; The benchmark of the “polyresin” industry, Comp-Cast® is “The Right Weight, Not Light Weight™”. Developed with longevity in mind, this resilient material forms the synergy between convenience and quality.


A hard-wearing, fibre reinforced concrete.

This adapted concrete material uses fiber lacing for reinforcement and strength, providing the strength, appearance and durability of traditional concrete products, without the cumbersome weight. Designed with traditional garden decor enthusiasts in mind, this material also allows for the integration of colours and textures directly into the finished product.

Menzo Mix™

A sustainable blend of natural stone and recycled plastic.

This colour-infused composite material provides a robust finish and solid construction for all-weather conditions.  Positioned at the apex of the composite offering, our perfected, or “Menzo” blend, offers unparalleled durability, even for the harshest of climates.

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