Each and every product we create is held to the highest standards; the end result is a highly functional product, designed with the consumer’s most intricate needs in mind.

Everything is Included

Everything Included IconEverything you need is included with your purchase. All fountains include pump, tubing and instructions, so that there is no second-guessing. Comprehensive support to any unanswered questions is also included via our Customer Support section of our website.

No Tools, No Plumbing

No Tools, No Plumbing Icon
Our products are designed to be assembled without the use of any special tools and require no special plumbing.

Innovation in Assembly

Assembly IconDesigned with ease of use in mind, large and oversized parts lock together during assembly for a secure and complete look and feel. Our innovative designs and engineering make it easy to put our fountains together in minutes.

“The Right Weight, Not Light Weight™”

Comp-cast IconConstructed with our innovative materials, each piece is designed to be strong and durable, yet convenient to assemble and use.

Detail in Design

Design Icon
We strive to create the finest products in the industry. All of our pieces are hand sculpted, poured and painted to ensure amazing detail and stunning finish.