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Recommended fountain repair & maintenance materials

Here are some great products we’ve used and recommend for maintaining or repairing your fountain, statue or birdbath.

Oatey® Fix-It™ Stick Epoxy Putty  by Oatey®
Advice: great for repairing cracks, holes or for rebuilding an area that has been chipped or broken away.

LEPAGE® – Ultra Gel Control Super Glue by LePage®
Advice: great for re-attaching a broken piece.  These types of clear glues have great holding strength and are ideal for “clean breaks”.

Rust-Oleum® branded Multi-Textured Paints and Semi-Transparent Concrete Stains
Advice: Multi-textured paints blend well with existing finishes on Comp-Cast® and NuCrete® materials and come in a variety of colour options.  Semi transparent concrete stains are ideal for use on NuCrete® items with an existing stain.

Painter’s® Touch – Ultra Cover 2x Ultra Cover 2x Clear Spray  by Rust-Oleum®
Advice: applied annually a clear-coating product like this will help protect both the material and finish for years to come.

The products recommended above may not be available in all areas and are only suggestions for use.  Similar alternatives may be available.  Always follow the manufacturer’s advice for application and use.

Storing your Fountain for Winter

Our fountains are designed for outdoor use primarily during the spring, summer and fall months. Harsh Canadian winter conditions are not suitable for use. Splash Line
The image right illustrates what NOT to do with your fountain.

Your fountain should be stored properly when the temperature is below 0°C (32°F), with all water removed, and stored inside the house, garage, or covered enclosure to ensure a long life.

While it is not necessary to store the fountain in a heated location, it is necessary to make sure all pieces are drained of water and completely dry. As the materials used in the construction of these fountains can be porous, water can absorb into the material itself, and thus requires adequate drying time.
The pump should also be removed and drained of all water, and cleaned as necessary.

We suggest keeping the original package to store the item. This will provide a safe and dry storage device.

  • Disassemble and dry the fountain parts before storing.
  • Use the original packaging when possible.
  • Do not store anything heavy on top of the fountain.
  • Clean your pump. (Pump Maintenance)

If you are unable to store the fountain indoors the item should be kept dry and covered. Ensure the bowl(s) will not fill with water as the freeze thaw cycle can cause damage to the material and finish.

Using ‘Splash Line’

Our optional ‘Splash Line’ is included with select fountains, allowing consumers to control the amount of sound and splash their fountain will generate. Here’s how it works:
How to - Install Splash Line - Step 1
Here you can see the spill is creating a large amount of splash.
How to - Install Splash Line - Step 2
Place the weighted end of the ‘splash line’ in the top bowl and drape the line over the spill point.
How to - Install Splash Line - Step 3
The water will now follow the line, reducing the amount of splash.

Reducing the amount of splash will also reduce the amount of water noise generated by the fountain. The remaining optional steps illustrate how to customize your fountain for your own personal preference.
How to - Install Splash Line - Step 4
Trim the line so that it hangs just over the water line. Remember you can always trim more later.
How to - Install Spash Guards - Step 5
Keep in mind, the more you trim the more splash you will create.
How to - Install Spash Guards - Step 6
Once you’ve completed these simple steps, sit back and enjoy your fountain.