Winter Storage

To ensure many years of enjoyment, your fountain should always be stored properly when the temperature is below 0°C (32°F).  The fountain should be emptied, dried, disassembled, and stored inside the house, garage, or covered enclosure.

The image right illustrates what not to do with your fountain.

While it is not necessary to store the fountain in a heated location, it is necessary to make sure all pieces are drained of water and completely dry. As the materials used in the construction of these fountains can be porous, water can absorb into the material itself, and thus requires adequate drying time.
The pump should also be removed and drained of all water, and cleaned as necessary.

We suggest keeping the original package to store the item. This will provide a safe and dry storage device.

If you are unable to store the fountain indoors the item should be kept dry in a covered location. Ensure the bowl(s) will not fill with water as the freeze thaw cycle can cause damage to the material and finish.

Damage sustained from improper storage is not covered by warranty.

Winterizing Checklist

  • Empty the fountain and allow all parts adequate time to dry.
  • Remove the pump and other installed accessories.
  • Clean the pump and parts as necessary.
  • Place the dry parts in the original packaging or a covered location.