Fountain FAQs

Most of our fountains can be assembled in 5 minutes or less and require no special tools.  All of our fountains include assembly instructions and for many models, assembly videos are available on our YouTube channel

Click here for our archive of assembly instructions.

Yes. The recirculating pump and other noted accessories are all included in the box. Our fountains do not require any special plumbing; just add clean water and enjoy.

Some fountains splash more than others and need to be monitored regularly. Most fountains, however, need only to be topped-up every few days, depending on the humidity, location, etc. Dry climates will cause more rapid evaporation, and locations with full sunlight will also require more frequent attention. The general rule is to try to keep your fountain at least ¾ full, but most importantly, to ensure the pump is fully submerged at all times.

The easiest way is to change out the water on a regular basis.  Adding water to your fountain when you do other watering in the yard, for example, not only helps to prevent pump burnout by keeping your fountain full, but also helps to keep the water and fountain clean.

For areas where buildup is noted, a soft cloth and a 30% / 70% mixture of vinegar and warm water serve as a great cleaning agent.  Rinse and refill when complete.

Yes, just be sure to keep it clean and full of water, and ensure the pump is fully submerged at all times. If desired, an outdoor timer (sold separately) can be added to automate operation and to ensure the water turns over on a regular basis. 

Yes, our fountains are compatible with all accessories approved for this use, such as the ones seen on our website.
See our Fountain Lighting section for more.

Yes, depending on where you live and where the fountain is situated. 
For regions where temperatures drop below 0°C, your fountain should be emptied, dried and stored in a covered location.  Failure to properly winterize your fountain, may result in damage and is not covered by warranty.  Our Fountain Know-How and Use and Care Guide offer additional information on proper storage.

Certain models that do not splash as much can be moved inside to be used for the winter months, but we recommend placing them on a surface that will not be damaged by splashing water or moisture buildup.

Angelo Décor branded fountains come with a limited 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Birdbaths, Statues and other decorative items are covered by warranty for a period of 90-days from the date of purchase. All lighting and solar accessories include a limited 90-day warranty from the date of purchase.

For complete information on your product and its warranty, please have a look at our detailed warranty information.

The materials used in the fabrication of our garden decor products can be repaired and/or refinished as needed.
Visit the repairs section of our website for more.

The material used in the construction of our fountains varies, depending on the design and intended use. Our NuCrete® material is most commonly used with large tiered fountains, and our Comp-Cast® material is more commonly used with items that have more precise details to their design. 
Head over to the materials section of our site for details on these materials.

Yes. It is designed to withstand prolonged outdoor use. The paints used, including the preparatory base coat provide UV protection.  The sun however is hard on all things; choosing a location that will provide periods of shade during the day will help prevent excessive exposure and premature wear.
We also recommend applying a clear sealer to the product annually, to help protect both the finish and material. These sealers can be found at home improvement retailers in brush-on and spray- on varieties. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for application and best results.

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