Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is setting up a fountain difficult?
A: Most of our fountains can be set up in 5 minutes or less. No special tools are required, and they are designed to be easily assembled by the average homeowner.
Click here for more detailed assembly instructions.

Q: Is everything I need included with the fountain?
A: Yes. The re-circulating pump and connections are in the box. No plumbing is required, no water line hookup – the only thing you add is clean water!

Q: Do I need to add water constantly?
A: Some fountains splash more than others, and need to be monitored daily if used continuously.
Most fountains however, need only to be ‘topped up’ every few days, depending on the humidity, location, etc. Dry climates will cause more rapid evaporation, and locations with full sunlight will also require more frequent attention.
The general rule is to try to keep your fountain at ¾ full as often as possible.

Q: How do I keep my fountain clean?
A: The easiest way is to change water by spraying with a hose every couple of days. For areas that attract dirt and dust, a mild household soap and sponge is recommended.
For areas with hard water you may need to use an additive such as a small amount of vinegar.

Q: Can I run the fountain continuously?
A: Yes! Just be sure to keep clean and full of water.

Q: Can I add accessories such as lights or misters?
A: Yes! Our fountains are compatible with all ULC approved accessories, such as the ones seen on our web site. For information about locations to purchase our accessories, please contact us by clicking here!

Q: Can I use it year round?
A: Yes. We recommend, however, that in harsh winter climates the fountain be completely packed away with all moisture removed, or brought inside for use as a humidifier during winter months.
Fountains left outside for winter full of water can crack, the pump will be ruined and none of this is covered under warranty. Indoor use in winter is recommended, and will enhance your indoor space.

Q: What is the Warranty on the unit?
A: There is a limited warranty on these units. Please see the warranty page for more detailed terms and conditions.

Q: Is the fountain Heavy enough for outdoor use?
A: Our fountains are “The Right Weight, Not Light Weight”. Heavy enough to withstand outdoor use, yet not too heavy to move to a different location, such as indoors for winter months.

Q: Can I repair or refinish my fountains?
A: Repairs can be done with a variety of materials such as super glue or goop, and larger repairs can be made with epoxy putty. See our detailed repair page for more details.
Refinishing can be done by cleaning and properly preparing the surface, and then repainting to your taste with a quality outdoor paint. Please see our detailed refinishing suggestions and materials page on our web site.

Q: What is the fountain made from?
A: We call the material Comp-Cast. Comp-Cast is a composite of stone, fiber and resin, cast and painted by hand.
The engineered blends use stone to provide weight, fibre for strength, and resin for superior sculptural detail. These compositions are designed to look, feel and perform like stone, using the right weight for each items intended use.
Properly cared for, it will last for years!

Q: Is the fountain U.V. protected?
A: Yes! It is designed to withstand prolonged outdoor use. The paints used, including the preparatory base coat provides 100% UV protection.

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