Splash Index

Our  diverse assortment of fountains feature everything from soft, subtle spills to powerful waterfall movements. The large variation in our selection and styling brings a unique sound and spill to each design. As a result, select Angelo Décor fountains include our splash line system to help curb unwanted splashing.

In addition, our “Splash Index” system helps to provide an accurate picture of what to expect from your fountain. Using a low through high rating to portray a feel for the fountains operation and to provide an indication of how often you may have to add a little water.

Splash index ratings are clearly indicated for all fountains on our website on each product’s information page.


Splash Index
1Low Splash Index Rating Safe for all applications, Indoors or Outevery 6 days*
2Mild Splash Index Rating Safe for all Outdoors & most Indoor usesevery 5 days*
3Moderate Splash Index Rating Use caution for Indoor Useevery 4 days*
4Medium Splash Index Rating Outdoor Use Recommendedevery 3 days*
5High Splash Index Rating For outdoor Use Only
Splash Guard is Highly Recommended
every 2 days*
* Approximately