Pond Pump

1250 GPH – Pump (5000 LPH)

Pond Pump

An ideal pump for large ponds and water features up to 1500 gal. and waterfalls up to 3 ft. Features advanced oil-free technology and the latest in energy efficiency. Featuring an integrated pre-filter and an extra large cord, it is a perfect companion for your garden pond.


  • Two 1.5-inch PVC fittings
  • Uses only 40W of electricity (less than an incandescent bulb)
  • Two Barbed hose connectors for 3/4, 1, 1.25, and 1.5-inch fittings
  • Threaded adapter and coupler
  • 20 Foot Cord (6 m)

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1250 GPH – Pump (5000 LPH) Pond Pump is available at:

1250 GPH – Pump (5000 LPH) Pond Pump details:

  • Item#: AD41250
  • Dimensions:
Output Connection 3/4 in. • 1 in. • 1.25 in. • 1.5 in.(19 mm • 25 mm • 31.7 mm • 38 mm)
Cord Length 20 ft / 6 m
Power Supply 40W 115v 60 Hz .6A
Flow Rate 1320 GPH / 5000 LPH (Flowchart)
Stop Height 11.5 ft. / 3,5 m
Dimension LxWxH(mm) 261x119x168
Approved CUL

1250 GPH – Pump (5000 LPH) PDF instructions:


This product is not intended for use in freezing temperatures. Dry and store this product prior to these temperatures setting-in. See the owner’s manual and Warranty Policy for more information.

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